Each student conducted an interview of at least an hour and a half with a North Carolina woman. We were looking for women who were middle-aged or older so that they had more experiences to reflect upon. Some of the students chose to interview women they didn’t know who had been recommended by others, and some chose people they already knew and respected.

The interviews included on this site were audio-taped using digital recorders. In the weeks afterward, each student carefully transcribed his/her interview, aiming to translate the spoken words from the interview into typed words on paper with great accuracy. The transcripts should reflect almost exactly what is in the audio recording – although in general the students edited out terms like “um” and deleted false starts.

Each woman interviewed will receive a CD with the audio interview and a typed transcript. A copy of the audio interview, full transcript, field notes, index, and release forms will be deposited in Elon University’s Oral History Archive.

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