Interview with Dot Lindley

Dot Lindley was interviewed by Alaina Artin on November 6, 2007 and November 8, 2007.

Dot Lindley was born in 1937 in Burlington, NC, and still lives there with her husband Jack. She was an only child and enjoyed volunteering her time with community groups back then and even today. She married into a larger family and has three children, and 11 grandchildren. Her faith is very important to her and she has passed these values onto her children. She used to work in the Burlington Textile Mill as a secretary. Dot now volunteers at the Arts Council in Greensboro and is a member of a garden club. She is a member of the Elon Board of Visitors and has created a scholarship for Elon students with her husband. She still visits with high school friends and likes to shop, entertain, travel and spend time with her family.

Dot’s thoughts on her husband

Dot met her husband, Jack, in high school.  As Dot said in the interview:

He had graduated from Williams High School, and he was starting to Carolina. And I was a sophomore, going into my sophomore year, and he invited me to go to a Carolina football game. But I had known him just from seeing him at Williams. He was a senior when I was a freshman. And we had just entered Williams when it was built. So he was the first senior class and I was the first class to go all the way through.

Listen to the audio of Dot’s response about her husband.

Dot’s thoughts on Burlington, NC

Dot has seen the changes taking place in her community over the years.  Here is what she noticed: 

I think about how I used to just walk about anywhere. I walked home from school; I would walk from school through town home. You just can’t do that anymore or let your children do that anymore and feel like they’re safe. Not only the traffic but the other big problems that are out there.

Listen to the audio of Dot’s response about her community.

Dot’s thoughts on being a grandmother

Dot enjoys being a grandmother and spending time with her 11 grandchildren.  She said:

You just have the first grandchild, and you think, if you have another one how can you love that one as much as the first one? And then you end up with 11 and you just love them all. And the love just grows and it’s there for everybody. It’s easier being a grandmother. And you pray for these kids, and you care for these kids and you just pray that nothing ever happens. We’ve been very lucky. Their parents have done a great job of keeping them in line and educating them. Everybody is well, and bright and just good kids.

Listen to the audio excerpt about Dot’s grandchildren.

Dot’s thoughts on her childhood

Dot remembers growing up in North Carolina after the Depression and that life was different than it is today.  She stated: 

I remember once downtown, somebody had brought a big truck or motor-type thing, and for show, it had a whale in it. You could pay them probably 20 cents, and go in this big truck thing and see the whale. And that doesn’t happen much anymore, does it? What I’m telling you is there was not a lot going on in Burlington.

Listen to the audio about Dot’s childhood memory.

Dot’s thoughts on spending time with family

Dot loves her family and being together with them.  As Dot described:

We go to Hyco and we have a Fourth of July parade with all the boats. And it is so pretty, just so pretty. Most of boats are decorated and most everybody has on their red, white and blue. And the water’s always blue and pretty and the sky’s usually pretty, so it’s a pretty sight, kind of an unforgettable sight; you keep it in the back of your mind.

Listen to the audio of Dot’s response about her family.

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